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Lyfe Labs: Global Workplace Wellbeing Trends

On the 14th July we hosted our first Lyfe Labs session.

The purpose of these sessions is to create a safe space where we continue to discuss Inclusion, Wellbeing and Equity to help co-create support and solutions with a peer network of HR Directors, Wellbeing Managers and other key stakeholders.

Our journey with Lyfe has been one of co-creation from the start and we hope to continue to add value where we can.

In this session, Nuz (Lyfe HR Community Wellbeing Lead) shared current global workplace wellbeing trends. (apologies during Ash's section the background noise was too loud so chopped it out... a rooky mistake)

To download the slides please click below.

Lyfe Labs Co-Creating Event
Download PDF • 6.55MB

Warm Regards

Nuz & The Lyfe Team

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