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Wellbeing packages

Piece together your most effective wellbeing strategy yet with our off-the-shelf packages targeting a holistic and strategic approach to employee wellbeing.

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Choose from one of our curated wellbeing packages

We've designed several packages to cover a wide range of topics, ensuring your business is set up for success.

All sessions are delivered with the UKs leading wellbeing providers and come highly recommended by clients including the top UK management consultancies.

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The Lyfe Pack

From £1,950 per month.

8 workshops covering stress, nutrition, financial wellbeing and more*.

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The Starter Pack

From £665 per month.

Grasp the basics of wellbeing and mental health with our package for beginners.

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The DEI Pack

From £1,960 per month.

9 workshops covering neurodiversity, fertility, disability and more*.

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The Performance Pack

From £1,950 per month.

9 workshops covering communication, conflict management and more*.

*Packages include a monthly yoga and meditation session to populate your wellbeing calendar.

Interested in learning more about our packages?
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Reduces absence

Increases retention

Supports talent acquisition

Enhances performance

How can a wellbeing strategy benefit your team?

Investing in a robust wellbeing strategy lays the foundation for your employees and company culture to thrive, fostering business success through reduced absenteeism, increased retention rates and more.

Our live group sessions are engaging and proactive, driving greater involvement and positively impacting company culture on a wide scale.

Why choose a package?

It's simple. Studies show that a committed, proactive approach to wellbeing yields optimal results, with up to £7.30 return on every £1 spent.

In short, the more engaged a business is with employee wellbeing, the better it peforms for all involved.

A good wellbeing strategy can deliver an ROI as high as

£7 for every

£1 spent.

What makes Lyfe Wellbeing the most effective employee wellbeing programme? 

Our comprehensive program addressing company needs, selected from 500 live sessions provided by 200+ trusted partners

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Our user-friendly platform built to maximise engagement and streamline the management of wellbeing strategies.

Take your workplace wellbeing strategy to the next level

With our expert support, nurturing healthier and more engaged teams is simple.

Discover more on our curated wellbeing packages below, or for more specific requests, get in touch to discuss how we can tailor our programmes to your needs and goals.

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Proudly Trusted By Employees From 300+ Workplaces


"The journey with our wellbeing partners, Lyfe, over the last 11 months has been fantastic. Their platform and services have continually evolved to support us."

Wellbeing & Inclusion Lead, Global Consulting Firm

“I found working with Lyfe to be an enlightening and positive experience. They stand way above similar offerings from other companies.”

HR Director, Global Enterprise Company

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