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Industry Leading Professionals

Our focus is to find the right fit for you, your people and your needs. 


Whether you’re just starting your wellbeing programme or well on your way our services are here to kick-start, complement or complete your programme.



Equip your people with the right knowledge and practical tools to implement in their daily lives.

Choose from bite sized 60 minute workshops all the way to bespoke programmes.

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Build lasting communities around effective, research backed wellbeing activities.


Get all of the benefits of things like mindfulness, yoga, singing and much more with the invaluable added benefit of fostering it within your own micro-community and real social connection.

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1 to 1

Get more personal with one to one services.


Give individuals a helping hand and the individual support that they need.

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Strategy & Assessment

Your wellbeing strategy is important to your business outcomes.  Just like a sales or growth strategy it needs to fit in with your culture, vision, values and move you towards your goals.

Work together with one of our expert providers to assess your people’s unique needs. Formulate an executable plan. Implement checkpoints and measures and assess progress on an ongoing basis.

Best of all, working with Lyfe means we can seamlessly execute your plan with our network of providers, end-to-end administration and insightful reporting.

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Over 1,200 live wellbeing sessions delivered to 25,000 attendees so far.


Are your employees next?

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