Our Story & Team

Helping individuals lead a happier, healthier, and more rewarding Lyfe

James & Ash met on the London Natwest Accelerator Programme in 2019, where they respectively ran LUX Rewards and OpenMind.

They sat next to each other, discussed ideas, innovated and formed a partnership between companies in 2019

to solve challenges for each other's businesses.


In 2021, they brought the best aspects of both companies together to create, Lyfe.

An ecosystem that generates value for all three sides.

Our Values

Bring joy to our customers in every interaction
Have a measurable positive impact on society
Actively support wellbeing & growth

Creating Value

Commercial value to all our partners
Increasing accessibility of wellbeing services
Collaborating with research partners to evidence impact

Our Team

We have brought together a passionate group of people with cross-sector experience in workplace wellbeing, finance, rewards, technology & startups.


Gained through time at enterprise organisations including:

IBM, Atos, Accenture, Worldpay, Visa UK Board,  Barclays and Ikea