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End User Terms



§ 1

1. Experian – Experian Limited, is a company registered in England and Wales at Companies
House with company number 00653331. Our registered office is at The Sir John Peace
Building, Experian Way, NG2 Business Park, Nottingham NG80 1ZZ, United Kingdom.
2. Client – Lyfe Technology, is a company registered in England and Wales under registration
number 09914393, and registered office is at 5 Collins Buildings, High Street, Bristol, BS31
3. CyberAgent Technology – Experian’s technology monitoring in 24/7 mode activity on
the Internet and Dark Web to verify if personal data are being subject of online trade.
4. Dark Web – an intentionally hidden part of the Internet resources or hidden webs
accessible only through a dedicated software.
5. End-user – an adult natural person possessing activation code shared by the Client, who
has accepted the End-User Terms with the Client for the Monitoring Services.
6. End-User Terms – an agreement between the Client and the End-user for the Monitoring
Services through electronic means of communication to the End-user.
7. Monitoring Services – a service provided by Experian aiming to monitor Internet,
including Dark Web, resources by the usage of CyberAgent Technology to match End-user’s
8. Platform – an Internet webpage accessible under Lyfe Technology domain, serviced by
Experian, where the End-user can register and create an account in order to subscribe to the
Monitoring Services.
9. Services Agreement – an agreement for provision of a Monitoring Service concluded
between Experian and the Client, for the Monitoring Services to the Client’s End-users.


§ 2


1. These End User Terms define the agreement of the Monitoring Services between the Client
and the End-user and the rights and obligations of End-users.
2. These End User Terms shall be deemed accepted by the End-user upon request of an
activation code from the Client.
3. Experian provides the Monitoring Services in accordance with these End User Terms.

4. The End-user must not provide illegal content on the Platform.
5. Experian provides the Monitoring Services with due diligence required from a professional.
Experian does not provide any warranties on the Monitoring Services.
6. Use of the Monitoring Services by the End-user is at his/her sole risk. All services, including
the Monitoring Services, are provided on an “as is” or “as available” basis. To the fullest
extent permissible under applicable law, Experian (and its affiliates, subcontractors and
suppliers) expressly disclaim all warranties or guarantees of any kind whether express or
implied, including but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a
particular purpose, title or noninfringement. The information contained in the Monitoring
Services or other materials End-user may receive from Experian as a result of the
Monitoring Services performance do not constitute legal or any other professional advice.
Experian (and its affiliates, subcontractors or suppliers) makes no warranty that (i) the
Monitoring Services are accurate, timely, secure, uninterrupted or error-free; and (ii) any
results that may be obtained from the use of the Monitoring Services will be reliable.
7. The End-user undertakes not to indicate third party data to be monitored.
8. Experian, while providing the Monitoring Services, uses data protection measures according
to the newest state of knowledge, including encrypting the transmission of information using
secure technology (SSL).
9. In order to register on the Platform and set up an account, End-users shall: (i) have a device
with Internet access with a screen size of min. 1024x768 pixels (ii) supporting browsers such
as: Internet Explorer (version 11 or newer), Google Chrome (version 79 or newer), Mozilla
Firefox (version 68 or newer), Opera (version 64 or later), Safari (for IOS version 13.3 or
later); (iii) have an e-mail account.
10. The use of specific applications of the Platform may depend on the installation of Java and
Java Script software and the acceptance of cookies, which Experian informs about on the
11. End-user has a subscriber name or e-mail address and password, to be determined by
himself/herself. The End-user is provided with the Monitoring Services through the
Platform provided that he/she is 18 years + and is not prohibited to receive the Monitoring
Services by laws or the relevant judicial system. Otherwise, all the transactions carried out
shall be deemed null and void.
12. The End-user is obliged to secure the login and password to access his account on the
Platform against unauthorized access. The End-user is also obliged to keep the activation
code confidential and not to share it with third parties.
13. The Monitoring Services are intended for use by UK&I consumers only. Experian makes no
representations or warranties that the information, products or services provided are
appropriate for access or use in other jurisdictions.


§ 3


1. Experian provides the Monitoring Services to the End-users. Experian may use
subcontractors, including its affiliates, to provide the Monitoring Services.
2. In order to use the Monitoring Services, the End-user must register on the Platform by
entering the activation code received from the Client. Upon registration on the Platform, an
End-user account is created, where the End-user may log in by entering their e-mail address
and password of their own.
3. As part of the Monitoring Services, Experian, in a lawful manner, collects information
provided by third parties in Dark Web, which may contain personal data of Internet users.
The End-user confirms by taking up the Monitoring Services that they are authorized to
indicate the following data for monitoring:
• 1 National Identification number
Note: National Identification numbers are not supported for the Netherlands, France,
Finland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden.
• 10 Email addresses
• 10 Telephone numbers
• 10 Medical ID numbers
• 10 Credit/Debit card numbers
• 10 Bank Account numbers
• 10 Retail Credit Cards
• 10 International Bank Account Numbers (IBAN)
• 1 Driver’s license number
• 1 Passport number
4. Experian regularly compares the data indicated by the End-user with the Experian database.
If the data provided by the End-user is not present in the Experian database, the Client will
send the End-user a monthly report of the analysis results. In the event that End-user's data
is found on the Internet or the Dark Web, the Client will inform the End-user by e-mail.
5. The Client or Experian may, at its discretion, modify or discontinue any of the Monitoring
Services, or any portion thereof, with or without notice, according to the Services Agreement
or where required by applicable law. Neither the Client nor Experian will be liable to the
End-user or any third party for any modification or discontinuance of any of the Monitoring
6. Experian will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide the Monitoring Services to the
End-user in a timely manner, including availability of the Platform.


§ 4


1. Acceptance of these End User Terms takes place upon the End-user's request of an
activation code from the Client. The End-user will be required to register on the Platform
using the activation code received from the Client. The End-user may register on the
Platform until the validity period provided by the Client. After this date, registration on the
Platform will not be possible.
2. The End-user may use the Platform and the Monitoring Services on a continuous basis from
the date of registration on the Platform, subject to clause 3 below, provided that (i) at that
time he/she remains an End-user of the Client (ii) the Services Agreement remains valid and
is not terminated earlier; and/or (iii) there has been no material breach of the End User
Terms by the End-user under section 5 below.
3. If the Client terminates the Services Agreement as a whole or partially, Experian will cease to
provide the Monitoring Services to End-users under these End User Terms. The Client will
immediately by e-mail notify the End-users about the termination of the Monitoring
4. The activation code authorizes the End-user to use the Monitoring Services specified in these
End User Terms after registration on the Platform, subject to this section 4 above.

§ 5


1. The End User Terms expire when Experian ceases to provide the Monitoring Services
covered by these End User Terms, in accordance with this section 5.
2. The End-user may terminate the Agreement by sending a cancellation notice to the Client.
The Monitoring Services will be terminated by the end of the calendar month provided the
notice has been provided to Experian by Client at least 7 working days prior to the last day of
the month.
3. The Client may terminate these End User Terms at any time with immediate effect, if the
End-user materially breaches the End User Terms, in particular indicates to monitor data of
third parties or violates Experian’s intellectual property rights. If it is found that there has
been a material breach of End User Terms by the End-user, the Client may terminate these
End User Terms within 30 days from discovering the breach. The Client will send a
termination statement to the End-user to the e-mail address provided during Platform
registration process.

§ 6

1. In order to properly provide the Monitoring Services, Experian processes End-users'
personal data in accordance with applicable law and as described in the Experian Privacy
Policy available here.
2. Any questions related to the processing of personal data by Experian in relation to the
provision of the Monitoring Services under these End User Terms shall be sent to the
address described in the Experian Privacy Policy available here.

§ 7


1. All rights, including copyrights and other intellectual property rights to the Platform or to
any individual text and graphic elements, photos, pictures, audiovisual materials,
applications, programs, tools and databases, trademarks, logos are reserved to Experian or
another entity from Experian group of companies.
2. Usage of the Platform and the Monitoring Services does not mean that the End-user
acquires any intangible property rights to works, databases, programs, tools, trademarks or
logos contained therein.
3. The End-user is entitled to use the Platform only to the extent of permitted personal use,
specified by law and under the terms of these End User Terms. Reproduction and
dissemination in any form and in any way of materials posted on the Platform is prohibited.
4. To the extent permissible by applicable law, neither Experian nor the Client will be liable to
the End-user for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential or exemplary
damages resulting from or in any way connected to End-user’s account on the Platform, or
access to, use, or inability to use the Monitoring Services, whether foreseeable or not and
however caused, even if Experian or the Client have been advised or should have been aware
of the possibility of those damages. Liability is not excluded or limit where it would be
unlawful to do so which includes liability for death or personal injury caused by negligence,
fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation.

§ 8

1. These End User Terms apply from the date the End-user requests an activation code from
the Client.
2. These End User Terms may change from time to time, in the event of extending the
Monitoring Services with new functionalities or changing of the existing functionalities,
introducing a new version of the Platform or changes in applicable law. Changes will be
made accordingly to the necessary scope.
3. End-users will be notified about any changes to the End User Terms 7 days before it comes
into force. Notification will be made by posting the new wording of the End User Terms on
the Client’s website.
4. In addition, the End-user will be notified about changes to the End User Terms by the Client
via e-mail to the address provided while registering on the Platform.
5. In case an End-user does not agree to the changes to the End User Terms, he/she is entitled
to terminate the Monitoring Services with immediate effect. In this case, the Monitoring
Services will end.
6. English law applies to these Terms.

7. If the End-user wishes to complain about the Monitoring Services, please contact Lyfe
Technology on the following link [] to find out about the
complaint procedure.

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